Sex and Violence

Pulsating light strobes our robes

Like a gay Christ creeping in

A disco and I’m like Job

Kneeling for love seeping in.

Babe, I’ve said a prayer and I’m

Already there. Are you down?

I’ll fuck you once, just one time

If that’s cool? In me, you’ll drown—

Yeah, we’re running out of fame

And drugs, and language, and luck;

And hon’, I don’t know your name,

But I dig you, you big schmuck.

Sweet. Do you chase the dragon?

Or, would you rather get off

With me when we’re high faggin’?

It’s your call, I’ll jerk us off.

Do you have a place? Or, where

Should we go? How are we get-

Ting there? Should we say a prayer?

I’m bipolar with bad debt—

Fuck, I don’t care. I’m not phased.

Man, as long as it’s been deep,

I don’t care where you’ve been placed.

Hey, kiss me. Keep it real cheap.

A step inside is too far

But here I am, his husband.

Adept war bride, I’m his tsar.

But where, now, does my crown land?

Now, I told you what I want

And now I want to get it.

Get the fuck on your knees! ’Want

My Glock on your cock?! You shit!

Hit me once, you’ll hit again.

“Your martyr plot is thicker

Than your dick”, I snort and grin.

While you undress I snicker.