I can tell by the way your glance

Searches the crater of my stare

That your touch will declare, ensnare,

And never spare me that thick lance.

I want it. I can tell you’ve got

Money, too. “What will you do?” You

Say as you want, want, want me, too.

Let’s bumble like you’re a big shot

Bee or hornet, stinging with your

Clinging fingers across me, boss.

Thing In or Thing Out with its sauce,

At once, I abhor and adore.

Drop me off here. No, I don’t care.

“Yeah, I like your hair.” Thanks a lot.

Next time you can keep what you bought,

Or, take me shopping, Grizzly Bear.

Don’t watch me as I walk, no, no;

Go, go, as I change my face and

Go over my alibi, stand-

Ing six whole blocks from my chateau.