Pesticide (Noxious Nihilism)

a) Desolate Dusting

Today was the day I threw it all away;

Stopped caring, lost respect and fell to my knees,

Beginning to decay.

The liquid lies set in, but my leaves were too

Withered to even try to pray.

I can still feel the dew melting under the spray.

Like acid tears burning scars down the petals

Of my face, whose colors are now dim,

Like the fading end of a long hard day.

My roots twist and knot under my feet

As my soil home turns to mud very fast.

I swell toxically, knowing this first application

Is hell, and not to be the last.

They tell you it is required and needed

To silence the pests who make us dream

Of things which cannot be. They squirm

Under our green skin, trying to rekindle the theme

Of a love which will forever be chemically treated.

b) Full Extermination

Its homicide is hypnotic and free

Crushing me stealthily in a noxious breeze.

I feel my dainty, botanical limbs twitch

Like insects falling from infected trees.

Once, you were a part of me.

An invader I welcomed,

Who lovingly irritated my fragrant heart.

Now you’ve become a pest who’s

Burrowed deep, tearing my insides apart.

Tears I can shed no more. You’ve taken my

Sun-drenched hope and doused it in filth.

I can feel your nest burn like oil.

But I sigh, smiling, knowing you’ll be lifeless

In this deep anonymous soil.

And I’m glad the beauty of this flower

Has become so diseased. You watered

Me down to a rotting seed, but now

I’ll kill you with an artificial power.

You were tearing me down and infecting this plant

From the inside out. The breeze slowed to a halt;

As you gasped for air, we were both relieved.

This was our extermination and love cannot be bought.

Cannot be bought.

Will not be bought.

It is no longer for sale.