Mary’s Ex Voto

Graceful and with ebony hair flowing at ease

She is a guiding light

When I’m set adrift on troubled seas.

For when the gale begins to blow

And my vessel struggles to stay afloat

She descends from Heaven

Just to let me know

I’m her religion, and she’s forever devout.

Clasped tight in her arms,

She rescues me from the sinking boat.

Whispering words of wisdom

And of caring hope.

At times when I grow exhausted and weary,

And when the storm makes life hard to carry

There she’ll be, always my Mary.

When I’m with her, and when she’s in my mind

The stress of the world begins to freeze,

Making me smile and putting me at ease;

With her around, the sun’s warmth is easy to find.

Lifting me up from a rocky shore

Her laugh is soft and begins to caress

Me, nuzzling the love of her breast.

She leaves me eager, always wanting more.

Love is used under license,

(A trademark of society’s doubt)

Fake and shattered;

But Mary restores my hope.

I’ll always respect her and remind

Her of the beauty she has both in and on the outside.

This is for her; a symbol of my love to carry

With her at all times, to let her know she is my Mary.