Locked Gates to Open Wounds

He is tied up inside

Her heart, wrapped in twine

The guilt is very wide

Like a bullet hole, a bloody sign

She will never let

Him out, not unless he sighs

Crystal apologies set

Like repenting clouds in loving skies.

His arms divide;

Two long lies that will

Only deepen wounds in her side.

A locked door won’t let her leave that hill;

The cross she bears

Is secured with nails

Wrought by his confused tears

And fastened to boards like sails.

This has been

A long, tangled journey through

Two beating hearts I’ve seen

Atrophied by doubts untrue.

Fear not young pilgrims you

Will make it all the way past

This blocked façade of a weeping hue

You will escape the scars you’re both bound to.

Believe not in the doubts you

Have welling up so fast.

The spring will shoot forth into

Heaven, which is where you’ll both rejoice at last.

The keys to the gate

Have always been deep

Down in that heart they wait

Bound in twine, unable to sleep.