I Know I Can Do It Better

It’s so hard to be unknown,

Undressed in front of the world;

It’s so hard to be your own,

Possessed by what you once hurled.

I was asked at a party

Whether I chased the comet;

“No, but my puke’s sure hearty”—

See, it’s my soul I vomit.

No, no one knows a poet

Or what it’s like when I spew;

“Moved,” but they never show it—

“Proved,” but my sales are few.

I know I can do it bet-

Ter. Midas, he touched my pen:

A house on Young, a Corvette,

And a whole harem of men.

Watch for me when I come by

And catch me as I come up,

’Cause when I retch, I can fly—

When I write and when I fuck.