Turn your back and put the knife in mine.

Stand up proud, forgetting that it happened.

When you find it’s all pointless and there’s nothing left;

And your smiles become as rusty as the nails you put in my cross,

There I’ll be, gasping for one last breath.

When it overpowers and you pathetically succumb,

And when your friends begin to flee,

Remember you took away your only true one.

This façade is weak and beginning to crumble

And the blade caressing my wrist is as necessary as it is humble.

It’s all become so hollow,

Giving up,

My hands tremble with one last pill to swallow.

Pitiful waste of sorrow;

I’ll look back knowing there’s no point in wanting tomorrow.

Nothing is on the inside.

The bullet wound, like my emptiness, is very wide.

Without support and lacking a meaning,

Cover up the crib, those innocent eyes are so deceiving.

Just forget and let me slowly fall;

The vase is broken, it was never full at all.

I’m as hollow as your synthetic concern—

Hell doesn’t come after death, it’s on Earth that you burn.