Fatherhood Lamented

1 Heavenly Father, why have You abandoned me? 2 You have burdened me with the legacy of Your darkness; 3 Your neglect has been an eternity to me, 4 And You have taken away the comfort which You have given to all sons; 5 But You have delivered my ancestors from peril and I trust that You shall deliver me. 6 O Lord, look now upon me; O My Strength, hasten to part these shadows; 7 Deliver me from the emptiness of not having a father, 8 And sate me on Your love, let it be my guide. 9 I have lain with the fathers of many, seeking my own, and I repent; 10 Forgive me for the vacancy and misleading of my spirit. 11 You have kept fruitful the fear and faith of my line, now keep it strong. 12 Cursed be he who makes the children fatherless. 13 You hear the crying of Your wounded sons, and You uplift the afflicted. 14 I will keep alive the name of my Father and praise Him daily. 15 Glory be to the Lord who in Heaven rests on high and loves all his sons dearly.