Babylonian Captivity

Oh, how you all invoke my name!

So many, not one applauding

But trying to play my own game;

Oh, I will kill this marauding.

It was not a chance meeting, no.

We were once friends, partners in crime;

We crossed paths in the studio.

Each one of you, you watched me climb.


When I got lost in space, you yelled

And shouted that you could handle

It better but your word’s handheld

And my pen jots a hot scandal.


Who brought back rhyme? Who stayed in line?

I’m an institution of lit’;

Need I remind you of one time

When the Pope said my word’s legit?


Babylonian Captive, no.

Prolific as fuck, I can write;

I tell poets right where to go

And tell the critics to sit tight.