A Glutton’s Bounty

I made my intro gettin’ fucked in the Pinto;

Now, I’m skin-deep in the Lexus Jeep.

—Lil’ Kim, “Dreams”

I have feasted with panthers

And given them some silver,

’Cause it’s your seed I’ll pilfer

When I crave protein transfers.

And, jilted once seven ways,

I’ve had seven guys come all

Over me in a line squall,

Raining lust for seven days.

It’s like manna from Heaven,

With fuckers unloading it;

I gather exploding spit

From guys like Jack and Kevin.

I snorted it when it dried,

As some black guy requested

And we were both untested,

But, I let him come inside.

The master of the fly front,

My unzip cinematic,

I keep men so ecstatic;

’Cock in my mouth and my cunt.

For such a glutton’s bounty

I fuck; for car keys and clothes

I suck, but with rain it snows

And I let the wet mount me.

Chipmunk-cheeked and sticky-faced,

I savour before I down

Your swollen bag from downtown,

Tasting all of your puff paste.

I have never been ashamed;

Not of my lovers unnamed.