The Monadology of Love

  1. There is a God.
  2. God is the Supreme Creator and Regulator of every Man and all Things in the Universe.
  3. God created the Universe and all that lives and goes on within it.
  4. God created the Universe and all that lives and goes on within it so that He could be loved.
  5. God created Man, who lives in and experiences the Universe and God.
  6. Man has a soul.
  7. A soul is made of monads.
  8. Things are made of monads.
  9. Not every Thing has a soul.
  10. A monad is equivalent to a moment.
  11. Each Man was constructed of a different amount of monads.
  12. Monads are indestructible.
  13. Man is not indestructible.
  14. Some Things are indestructible.
  15. When a Man has lived all of his moments, he dies.
  16. When a Man dies, his soul and its monads are reordered to form a new Man or Thing.
  17. A Man’s children are moments he possessed since his formation.
  18. Heaven and Hell are moments experienced by Man and Things during life.
  19. Like God, Man and Things need Love.
  20. Man and Things possess one monad each which is part of and linked to another Man’s soul or Thing.
  21. This single shared monad connects two souls or two Things.
  22. Connected souls are Soul-Mates; connected Things are Thing-Mates.
  23. Soul-Mates and Thing-Mates are separated at their formation as a test.
  24. As Man and Things live their moments, they reconnect with their Soul-Mate or Thing-Mate.
  25. Man and Things have only one Soul-Mate or Thing-Mate.
  26. The characteristics which a Man or Thing seeks in its mate are caused by the shared monad.
  27. The knowledge of these characteristics help a Man or Thing seek its mate.
  28. Characteristics are preferences.
  29. Preferences are memories of the lost mate from formation when separation occurred.
  30. In their search for their mates, Man and Things will share moments with other Men and Things.
  31. Sharing moments is called dating or hooking up.
  32. Every monad is predestined.
  33. Man and Things meet who they are supposed to during life.
  34. Man and Things experience what they are supposed to during life.
  35. Regret is a negation of a monad.
  36. Regret is an attack upon a monad.
  37. Regret is forbidden.
  38. God is loved when Man and Things find their mates.
  39. God gave Man and Things four kinds of Love.
  40. Love can be known for family, friends, sex, or romance.